Providing Steadfast Defense In Municipal Liability Matters

DeVore Radunsky LLC has defended officers, counties and municipal boards in commercial, tort and federal constitution claims. These claims involve allegations of violations of civil rights, contract disputes and personal injury claims, such as:

  • Police and firefighting operations
  • Personnel management
  • Wrongful termination
  • Employment discrimination
  • Road maintenance and design
  • Transit system operation
  • Property development
  • Sewer and water main maintenance and inspection
  • Transit system operation
  • Sidewalk maintenance
  • Building inspection and code enforcement
  • Environmental
  • Zoning and planning approval

Special Notice Requirements And Statutes Of Limitations

Some of these cases can be complex due to additional notice requirements because of the legal nature of municipal corporations and their status as governmental entities.

The notice requirements may impose very specific time restrictions on when and how you may sue these entities. For some suits, a bare notice of the claim must be filed within six months of the incident. Counties, cities, school districts, mass transit authorities and other entities may have statutes of limitation as short as one year.

Our attorneys understand these complexities and have represented individuals, businesses and entities with a broad spectrum of legal questions.

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